The Palm Springs Photo Festival has impacted hundreds of photographer’s lives and careers. We’ve even managed to facilitate more than a few powerful epiphanies. The festival can be a game-changer.

Here are selected email comments from our Attendees and Faculty:


Congratulations on another amazing photo festival. The reviews that I gave were really satisfying on many levels.  Interesting and very nice photographers of all levels participated and I am happy to say [I saw] extraordinary work. Thanks again for the extraordinary evening programs.  It is so important that our industry gets to connect annually in the casual yet professional atmosphere. – Sherrie

PSPF was fantastic this year – the photographers were AMAZING and all of the talks were phenomenal.  As always, I was thrilled to be a part of it.  I met great photographers via portfolio reviews that we’ll be using and picking up work from as well. – Anna

Through the relationships created [at PSPF], I was able to not only make direct sales of my photographic prints, but more importantly foster relationships with photographic collectives and individuals interested in  sponsoring my future projects.  Add to this that you are surrounded by incredibly talented people from throughout the industry leading seminars, symposiums, workshops and in a few short days your career will change dramatically. – Troy

I am writing to you to let you know how much I appreciate and enjoy attending your festival. I especially love the evening lectures. I could not think of a more perfect way to end a day already filled with inspiration and education. Being an entrepreneur myself I so appreciate when someone, their team and their company go above and beyond to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience. My only intention for writing this e-mail is to share with you that in a day and age where mediocrity rules, it’s refreshing to find an experience that not only makes you want to return to, but also one you care enough to bring along your friends. …Thank you for an amazing experience! I will always do my best to let other creatives within my circle know about the great artist gathering you and your team put on every year in PS. Looking forward to PSPF 2015 and beyond. – Luis

“This event was really inspirational and amazing. In my enthusiasm during the conference, I called it life-changing. I believe it is, at least for me it is. ..” – Svetlana

Last year I attended the Palm Springs Photo Festival. Prior to going I signed up for a series of portfolio reviews. The portfolio reviews gave me the opportunity to present my work to some of the most creative and influential people in the industry. Instantly I was connected with a network of people willing to help me further my Silver & Light project. In the process of the reviews, something magical happened. At the festival the Director, Jeff Dunas, walked by and saw my work and then asked if I could show my Silver & Light video at the Evening Presentation. This opportunity exposed my body of work to the world. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities and the doors the festival has opened for me. I am excited to return to the festival and be inspired. – Ian Ruhter

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Palm Springs Photo Festival. It was an amazing experience. The positive energy and spirit of cooperation was sensational and inspiring. – Richard

Please know I had an AMAZING time for the four days I spent at PSPF. You are all doing an righteous job and I really wish this experience wasn’t just once a year, esp the evening symposiums with all the individual photographers discussing their work while it is projected, SPECTACULAR!!!! Thank you for putting on this magical event. Looking forward to next year!!!! – Tara

I still have not totally awaken from the dream that is the Palm Springs Photo Festival and hope that I never do. I feel blessed to have been a part of it… -Robert

Sure good to be with you at Palm Springs and thank you for it all.– Anthony Bannon

I’m remiss in not having let you know earlier what a good time I had at the Photo Festival, how well run I thought it was, [and] what an interesting diversity of speakers there were on panels. The amount of work that goes into the logistics is obviously formidable but it paid off. Big time! Congratulations! – Gordon

Congrats on the success with PS! You are doing a great job. – Glen

Came home late last night to a quiet house — a shock to the system after the bubbling jazz of your people in Palm Springs. Yes, they are yours because you did the cooking. You make a swell soup and we are all the richer for it. – Jock Sturges

Just a note to say thank you so much for the festival last week. It was a fantastic event and I really enjoyed myself. Congratulations to you and all of the fantastic staff and volunteers! – Carol

That was a real treat! The students, the staff, the place, the organization, and all the events and evenings etc. I am happy to have been there and feel that you are making an incredible contribution to the medium with this festival. – Joel

It really was an amazing week and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to also attend some seminars and portfolio reviews, as well as the symposiums and evening presentations. I actually just booked a job with the New York Times Magazine thanks to a portfolio review! – Lindsay

I wanted to give you a few days recovery after the festival before trying to convey my appreciation and respect for what it’s all become. From a photographers standpoint, it’s an amazing gathering of the best minds in this business. I’ve also listened to them discuss the same point and how they are hopeful to return the next year.
From a personal standpoint, I’ve began friendships at the festival which over the years have become the kind of friends that you can’t imagine ever not having. What an amazing place you’ve created Jeff. I can’t think of anything I would be more grateful to be a part of. – Jesse

Now that the Palm Springs Photo Festival is over I wanted to tell you that I thought it was very productive and inspiring. I really appreciate the opportunity to be on the Portfolio Review Faculty. There were a lot of wonderful photographers I met and the evening events were fantastic. – Sarah

I just wanted to drop you a quick line and say thanks for this great festival. I really enjoyed my time in the office and the festival was once again mind-blowingly inspiring. I am still trying to digest all of the words of wisdom that I received. All of the faculty were so kind and generous, I have not a bad word to say about any of them. – Jayme

I had a wonderful time; What I assumed would be fun, turned out to be much more than that! Thank you again. – Bill

Just wanted to let you know that I had a great time in PS and thought the festival was great this year. I met so many nice people and even the portfolio reviews seemed to have been of a higher quality. My only regret is that I didn’t make it to more seminars and talks but I did make one by Swannee and the Photo Collector panel which I thought was very interesting. – Laurie

Fantastic Festival – you provide the best education and party. Thank you. – Carol

First I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience at the Photo Festival. I enjoyed it and got a lot more out of it than I thought I would. I know you put in a lot of work and it is a huge coordination effort, so I applaud you! I took Jock Sturges’ Fine art of the Nude workshop and thought it was fabulous. I found him to be a great instructor and learned a tremendous amount. – Marilynn

Don’t know if I told you before, but congratulations on a really great festival this year. I think it was the caliber of your team. What a terrific staff you assembled! – Dolores

Hi there, I attended the Photo Festival this year and had a terrific and enlightening time. – Anne

Thank you for a great day with Vincent today! It was very informative and helpful! Kudos. – Josh

You outdid yourself this year. It was so organized and well done. I hope it went smoothly from your perspective as well. I enjoyed being there. It’s always nice to be a part of such an inspiring event. – Cindy

I’ve been meaning to write you a note to tell you how impressed I was with the Photo Festival. It was beautifully organized, the panel I attended was terrific, your staff and volunteers were wonderfully helpful. – Karen

I wanted to say thanks, again. I met some really good photographers and just had an all around great time. – Mark

Hope you’re well and have recovered from yet another great festival. I have only heard raves from any attendees within earshot. – Nancy\

Thank you again from my part for such a fantastic experience; your team was outstanding and the workshop was a real life changing experience for all, I believe. – Ember

I thought the festival staff was excellent and helpful and pleasant. keep them! – Billie

This event was really inspirational and amazing. In my enthusiasm during the conference, I called it life-changing. I believe it is, at least for me it is, as a first-time attendee of any conference of this kind. – Svjetlana


Just keep doing what you’re doing … the evening seminars were priceless … so informative and well appreciated …-Karen

Someone bought a photo of mine! – Sarah


My reviews in NY went well and I viewed some solid portfolios, a handful that I will continue to follow and work with. – Alex

I think each of the four photographers whose work I saw were uniformly at a very high level, I would give an exhibit to each of them at my gallery. So a great job, and I look forward to future reviews. Many thanks. – Harvey

Thank you for the invitation to participate. As always it is a pleasure and a treat to see bright, young talent. – Nancy

One suggestion would be to ask photographers to bring a small amount of riskier/experimental/personal work. Surprise who you show your book to. Everyone loves surprises. – Glenn

I appreciated seeing all the photographers that came my way and all seemed very happy with the advice I shared. I enjoy the opportunity to give back to the photo community that has sustained my career all these years. – Susanna

I really enjoyed my 2 days of reviewing in NYC and saw some really great talent. I plan to follow up with each of them. I am so impressed with the professionalism of how the event was run. I was so happy to … see fresh new talent! – Renee

Thank you for including me in the review program. It was a terrific experience, and I’m grateful to be able to participate. The caliber of photographer I met on the vetted days was certainly of a high caliber. – Jeffrey

It was a great event! Thank you again for contacting me and requesting that I attend this year. As usually I was very pleased with the artists and outcome of my meetings. – Raquel

It is truly an event that allows time for reviewers and talent to mingle and get a chance to socialize. We love the creative panels in the evenings, which gets us back to the art of photography and reminds us why we are in this business. – Lisa

I had a great time and met a very talented assortment of photographers. – Ronald

I really enjoyed the level of work I saw and the quality of people I met! Thanks!! – Jacqueline

You guys did a wonderful job and my colleagues and I all got a lot out of the reviews. – Miriam

Thanks for a killer schedule, I appreciate all of the hard work that goes into this logistical nightmare! – Steve

I’m extremely happy with the reviewers I’ve been given.  Great Job by you and your crew. – Tom

I’m happy with the reviews I got and know how much work must have gone into it!! – Zoe

I just want to thank you all for the schedule you gave me. I got many of the reviewers I requested and the ones that I didn’t were replaced with equal or better reviewers. Thank you so much! – Beth

It was such an honor to be a part of the reviewing team at PSPF. Everything was handled so well from beginning to end. I found an amazing photographer who I am going to be working with and I consider that to be such a bonus because the Festival itself was amazing. – Renee

I signed with an agent and met some amazing people. Above all realized the value of meeting people and getting your work out which is something photographers tend to forget.. – Maya

“The best part ….[of the review program] was selling prints to two of the reviewers from a portfolio that is 30 years old. See you next year!” – Diane

Selected Testimonials from Prior Festivals

“I wanted to send you a note to thank you and for your incredible staff and volunteers for an amazing experience in Palm Springs….you have built an outstanding photo-phenomenon and to be a part of it is an honor.” – Tim B. Wride
“I really enjoyed my time in Palm Springs. It is quite an undertaking on your part-pulling together so many talented people from so many different aspects of the world of photography.” – Greg

“I just wanted to say the Cinema Lighting workshop taught by Pat Darrin with help from Jeremy Launais and Don Vos was really great. I learned a lot and enjoyed myself as well. I liked that his perspective was not completely academic but incorporated real life common sense business advice in regards to real production work. I’m very happy the cinema lighting event was not led by just a sales rep from a lighting equipment company. His accompanying lighting team was very knowledgeable as well and completed the class with accurate mechanical knowledge. Please make sure that next year he has all the resources available to bring as much equipment as possible for the workshop. Thank you for putting on a great event.” – Jesse

“I just want to tell you what an amazing experience it was to participate in the festival. Thank you for involving me and for coaxing me to participate in all aspects of it. I hope it was useful to you and the audience and I hope that we planted some seeds for young photographers to be inspired. Best festival I have ever been to! ” Christina Mittermiere

“Since it’s inception, the atmosphoere your festival family creates is a “Lightroom Spa” where photographers come to rejuvenate, revitalize and enhance their craft. The day after its conclusion, I felt as if another layer was removed from my retina – my camera eye is viewing the world around me in a new and vibrant light. Your brilliant vision has become an international gathering of energized minds to which all serious members of our photographic community should make a pilgrimage.” – Gabriella

“I thank you for the amazing work that you did organizing the Photo Festival. At first I did not know what to expect, I toughly learned al lot; I wished I would have had more time. I look forward in attending more events such as the festival. Grazie, Merci!” – Antonella

“Thanks for a great time at this year’s festival! It was a great event. Really good. Really, really good. Let’s do it again!” – John Paul Caponigro

“I just want to send you a quick note on how tremendous the Photo Festival was. My head is still buzzing even though a month has gone by. You and the others did a magnificent job of putting together an excellent array of speakers and workshops. The Choreography of evening speakers from Duane Michaels, Greg Gorman all the way to Norman Sheff was beautiful. Miss Anilia and Sheffs talks were a great finale the tied the entire theme of creativity together superbly. Great Job!
I had no idea of what to expect of the festival. Wow! Were my eyes opened! If I were a believer I’d say God willing, I’ll be there next year!” Allan

“Thank you and your team for putting up a thoroughly engaging and enjoyable festival this year. i only met you very briefly, but your passion for photography was palpable and infectious and reflected on the entire proceedings of the festival. i especially enjoyed your 9 to 11 pm sessions and the wide variety of work that was presented” – Madhu

“Thank you Jeff!! You totally outdid yourself this year!! I enjoyed being a part of it.”- Cindy

“First of all I would like to congratulate you , and all your excellent staff for your tremendous effort of putting the PSPF together. It´s a long way from home but it was a wonderful experience as I established very friendly and professional conversations not only with my group which by the way was great but also with Cristina Mittermeier, Mary Virginia Swanson and others far beyond any portfolio review.” Mariana

“Just wanted to thank you for another (my third) great Photo Festival. I finally took the plunge this year and took a workshop…Debbie Caffery’s. She couldn’t have done more to make it an awesome experience. I really appreciate the effort you and yours put into breathing exuberant life into this thing. Looking forward to next year. Thanks, thanks.” – Nancy

“I want to thank you again for inviting me to participate in the Palm Springs Photo Festival this year. It was an enriching experience in many ways. Everything about it was absolutely first rate: place, time of year, faculty, staff, accommodations, food, programs, transportation. As a film shooter I found Fuji and the A&I lab to be most generous and helpful. The other business venues I visited were excellent. The festival was a great opportunity to meet old friends and become acquainted with new ones. Everyone of the staff was extremely friendly and most helpful. Kudos to you, for dreaming up, organizing, and coordinating such a wonderful event.” – Jay Dusard

“This was a new experience for me, being what is termed an “advanced amateur.” I attended the workshop of Bruce Barnbaum and was most impressed. Besides being a real brain, this man is a unique photographer in his field of view camera landscape photography. Beyond even that, his understanding of the physics of light and its importance in landscape photography plus photography in general is impressive. Bruce is most generous with his time and with his attention to each participant. I would gladly attend and benefit from any workshop or class he offers.” – John

“What you’ve done here in Palm Springs is amazing! And for this inspired kid it was nothing short of Life Changing. The things I take away from this are priceless – I will still be floating in the clouds weeks from now! Possibly straight through to next year! – Jennifer

“I have the privilege this week of being at the Palm Springs Photo Festival. And I have to tell you, the photography world is a lot different than I experienced it when I left it years ago. Now, I am being exposed to an entire different approach here in Palm Springs. The people I am around are at the top of their profession, and what they highlight is that young people and older people of conscience, are bringing to our awareness social justice issues from around the globe. It’s pretty mind-boggling. Everything I have seen here is not about landscapes or nudes. It’s about people and issues and settings and realism and LOTS of black and white. Here are some of my gleanings: It’s about eye and light and seeing what others may be overlooking. It’s about vision. The photography world rocks.” – Frank

“Just wanted to thank you for a great experience…Bravo! ” – Tim

“Let me start by saying that I had a very low bar of expectations coming into the festival, but one that would be fun in which to participate. I was utterly wrong about the quality of the festival. It was extraordinary. The facilities—specifically the Korakia and the Palm Springs Art Museum—were astoundingly superb. They simply could not have been better. The festival was extremely well run, there were lots of things happening, all of interest to many people, and the people brought in as instructors, presenters, etc. were of the highest quality. I was proud to be one of them. I think you deserve the highest commendation for putting together such a remarkable event, which ran so smoothly. ” – Bruce Barnbaum

“Just wanted to thank you again for my maiden voyage at the Festival. It was awesome. The symposium tonight was incredible. Michelle’s [Dunn Marsh] intelligence and articulateness is unbelievable. It was a privilege to witness your energy and love of photography, and it was a privilege to see all these wonderful people who make up the world of photography. One last thing. The main thing that I leave this festival with is that I want to carry my camera with me throughout the day. I started today, and was amazed to see how many things I don’t even see if I’m not carrying a camera in my hand. I am a lookout with a camera in my hand. Thank you again for everything! Take good care, Jeff. I truly plan to be back next year. ” – Frank

“I just got back from Palm Springs Photo Festival, and I gotta tell you, this is one GREAT event! Relatively new in the photo festival world, Jeff Dunas and his absolutely incredible crew have done a fantastic job of attracting world-class workshop leaders and top-of-the-line photo pros to do portfolio reviews, not to mention the sun. Ah, the sun. For the short time I was there, the weather was very agreeable, blue skies all the way, every day! And, I would like to thank the folks at Canon for lending me a 5D to hold in my hands and use during my stay. It seems as though I packed four days into a day-and-a-half. I was able shake hands and meet up with Sylvia Plachy, Bruce Davidson, Daile Kaplan, Tim Wride, Holly Hughes, Laurie Frank, Michael Grecco, Mac Holbert, Dan Milnor, Gerd Ludwig, Hossein Farmani, Anthony Bannon, Joyce Tenneson, David Fahey, too many more to remember. I had such a good time the I told Jeff to sign me up for next year! And if you want a truly wonderful learning experience with a few of the best of the best in the world of photography, check out the Palm Springs Photo Festival site. Be sure to put this in your “Favorites” folder as workshops are filled very quickly. ” – Tim Anderson, Camera Arts Magazine.

“Just wanted to thank you guys for the wonderful workshop this week. I had the honor of being in Keith Carter’s class and I am still buzzing!” – Grant

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself and think the festival was amazingly well organized and had something for everyone.”- Lorne Resnick

“Just wanted to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to come to Palm Springs and review portfolios. It was a very fulfilling experience.” – Verner Soler

“Fabulous event this year. You chose a great group of dedicated educators and everyone did their very best. Your organization also seemed seamless.” – Rhoni

“Many thanks to Pat Darrin for a great workshop in Palm Springs. He gave as much as he could in two days and I greatly appreciated his generosity, enthusiasm and willingness to share. He was awsome and my experience during the “Beyond the Softbox” workshop has made me want to return to the photo festival again next year! I’m really looking forward to integrating much of what we learned into my work… ” – William

“What (!) a wonderful festival that was! Wow…I feel blessed to have been part of it. Thank you BIG for putting this together. Respect to YOU [Workshop Coordinator Zoe Wiseman] for ALL the hard work. Joshua Tree was a superb location, the climate, the day with Keith Carter, the attendees were a FUN bunch. Lotsa good hearted laughs for sure. Michael Grecco’s workshop was highly intelligent. The studio was fantastically equipped. Michael was thorough enough to not have many questions by the group. The environment made for some very artistic images produced. The whole group of attendees participated in creating these.” – Angelit

“I thought the festival was absolutely terrific! I could tell by the interest and enthusiasm around me that others felt the same.” – Stan

“Congratulations for building an excellent photographic experience where access to great photographers, photography and technology comes together in a fantastic critical mass of inspiration, learning and fun. ” – Peter

“I just wanted to write to you [Instructor Pat Darrin] and let you know I really enjoyed the workshop. I have been thinking about all the different techniques and possibilities you showed us and feel like It helped fill in the cracks a bit with questions I had of “how do they do that?”. I am looking forward to trying some of those techniques on one of my next still shoots. I have been shooting stills for 3+ years and am always looking for alternative ways to use lights and mold natural light. ” – Siri

“Just a quick note of thanks for […] throwing such a kick-ass festival. The feedback from the seminar as been overwhelming positive. I wish all of our conferences could take place in Palm Springs. On a personal level, I found Bruce Davidson’s slideshow one of the most wonderful and inspiring talks I have been to in a long while.” – Chad

“I was deeply moved by all the guest photographers and their vision and expressions of abilities and strengths. As always the festival is the best place to find encouragement and guidance in one’s own craft. I have to admit this years festival was one of the most educational experiences of my career as a growing photographer. As much as an institutionalized education can prepare you for your career, there may be no better understanding one can experience than meeting and witnessing first-hand some of the most successful and celebrated people in the field. I always knew that I wanted to help make a difference in the world, I fell into photography but never could I have imagined that this art form would be the vehicle to bring about positive change. During todays symposium on Advocacy in the Arts I asked the question to the board or rather declared the need for a vision of the future to aid progression of our state on the planet today. My question was answered with Stephen Wilke’s remarkable photo essays and accompanied lecture on China and Ellis Island which gracefully communicated spiritual realities and potential hazards of growing nations. In addition Colin Finlay added to the subject with great presence and force the responsibility photographers have to the truth and the potential impact we may have on the world. The symposium revealed that we may never agree on a vision for our future and so we must begin with understanding the reality in which we live today, from culture to culture. Imagery is the vehicle which can breach borders and bring understanding. Let me re-emphasiize my affirmation that photography is a tool that will help us better understand ourselves, the Palm Springs Photo Festival was extraordinary exposure to the true state of the human race on the planet, ecologically, psychologically, socially,and politically. Andy Patrick of 50 Crows Foundation showed a body of work of nuclear effects on locals in Chernobyl. The photographs were shocking and if the world had any idea of the results of nuclear arms perhaps the citizens of our planet would more seriously consider peace as a viable option. The festival has opened my eyes, I am inspired to own up to my camera and do with it what is best for the world. The knowledge I have gained of the vast possibilities through this years symposiums whose panelists included professional photographers like Antonin Kratochvil, Bruce Davidson, Joyce Tenneson, Elisabeth Sunday, and has inspired me to push myself further in my creations and also given insight as to how such dreams may become a reality as an independent artist. Yet alone one of the greatest collectives of fine human beings and extraordinary photographers from Living legends like Bruce Davidson to cutting edge publishers like Aperture’s Michelle Dunn Marsh, Palm Springs 2008 is a budding event which will be a well celebrated mecca of art and education. I am privileged to be at your festival and will make an effort every year to be apart of this growing joy that celebrates the finest of work and the most brilliant of minds. I thank you with great sincerity and joy. ” – Michelle

“This year’s festival seemed truly pivotal in the progress of the festival. I felt a transformation and yet it didn’t lose any of the charm of the first two building-years. Congratulations!
Again thank you for allowing me to be part of the experience. I re-connected with old friends, made some new ones and left the desert feeling completely renewed and inspired” – Sherrie

“Again thank you for a wonderful week. The seminars and symposiums were right on target. It was great to meet some of our great photographers one on one and have them explain their work in person. The selections of workshops were great, and the weather could not have been better. I’m telling everyone I know about the festival and I plan to attend again next year.” – Richard

“Had a wonderful time. Amazing how the Festival has grown since last year!” -Michael

“I’ve been wanting to write you a note all week to tell you how much I enjoyed the Photo Festival, and to thank you for letting me hang around and soak in all that wonderful and creative whirlwind of nourishing, supportive and artistic energy. You’ve put together a truly special event, for which I think a prize should be created.” – Carine

“I wanted to thank you again for the invitation to participate. I enjoyed the whole fandango. I mean enjoyment like cold biscuits and buttermilk, like Billy Holiday singing God Bless the Child enjoyment.” – Keith Carter

” The relaxed, unpretentious environment was one of the main reasons I came back and will continue to attend. Dunas’ commitment to putting a festival together that feeds the soul and promotes nourishment for everyone attending is priceless. The evening wine tastings in the museum sculpture garden were a nice surprise. Very classy! The range of speakers and participants represent a diverse mix of practitioners
in the field of photography. People form the profession put their guard down when they attend this festival. Last year I did a workshop, this year my time was spent only in Seminars. Both years were exceptional.” – Kyle

” The evening presentations and symposiums were a wonderful environment with exceptional speakers, slideshows and allowed for audience participation. A perfect balance, better than most colleges out there, even the ones specializing in photography. – Michelle

” I spent 4 days in Bruce Davidson’s workshop. It was a life changing experience. And meeting some very fine people was great.” – Fridgeair

“Great people! very low-key! will definitely plan on attending again.” -Wendy

“I loved the info from the Stock Photography Seminar. He was so informative and motivational.” -Blake

“I learned so much, met other photographers from many fields, good classes – wish I could have taken more. Portfolio reviews were great!” – Kiet

“I felt rejuvenated and inspired to go home and take photos.” -Vicki

“The chance of meeting established photographers who influenced you is bar one the best opportunity of the Festival” -Jon

“I did enjoy the intimacy of the workshop setting. I enjoyed that there were many options and enticing lectures.” – Paula

“The workshop with Sylvia Plachy was beyond my expectations. I learned more about sequencing images in a book than I anticipated. She was easy to get along with and serious about photography. ” – Bill

“I loved the nightly photographer project presentation in the evening.” – Hallie

“The festival was well organized. The staff was very helpful. There were a variety of things to experience and do. Everything was within walking distance. Presenters were knowledgable in their fields. Lots of water to drink.” – Ray

“Loved the evening presentations… seeing the work of great photographers, and hearing them discuss their ideas and processes. I could have sat through four straight days of that!!! “- David

“The cinematographer’s lighting workshop was fantastic. Learned so much about things I’d always wanted to know in terms of how to create certain types of lighting to create different moods, and all the technical info was clearly presented and explained. ” – Julie

“Pat Darin’s workshop ‘Beyond The Softbox’ was fantastic. Pat’s insights were great. The grip and gaffer were great. Consider this a huge success. ” – Syl

“The professional atmosphere of the festival was very impressive. Not only by the staff but also by the presenters as well. Events started on time, and were well staffed. All my questions were answered clearly. “- Michael

“The casual, friendly atmosphere made it a pleasure to be there, and the quality of the presentations and events I was able to participate in were exceptional. As a workshop participant, it was great to spend the time with a friendly, down to earth group, doing and learning about what we all like to do best. The instructor, Lorne Resnick shared freely and made it a pleasure. “- Paul

“Keith Carter. Magnificent teacher. Really. As a teacher myself (not photography) I could appreciate his professionalism, focus, flexibility, and informal approach. Meeting photographers from all over the country, many of whom were first rate people as well. I did like the fact that I could be engaged in photography from 8:30 in the morning until 11:00 at night. ” – Charles

“The environment was incredibly positive and information-rich. The people, instructors and attendees alike- were great to work with and spend time with. The works selected for evening presentation were inspirational, and all in all, the festival was very tightly run.”- Jeff

“The best thing PSPF has going is the format, workshops, seminars, panel discussions etc. There is no excuse not to stay busy, informed and inspired all day long. There were no weak sessions for me this yera but Tom Grill’s session on stock stands out. Connecting with Blurb has also been very valuable & educational. ” – William

“I came away from the festival, very excited to continue work on a particular series of images. It was fantastic to see friends at the festival, make new friends, get to know some folks a little better. Through the portfolio reviews it was amazing to go from admiring someone and their work, like Stephen Wilkes, to sitting and talking about my own work with them. The festival reaches all of your goals”- Brad

“I have attended many conventions, seminars and festivals from coast to coast and this one has become the “must attend” event for me. A breath of fresh air infused with creative passion. Please keep things intimate, inspirational, and “igniting”.” – Douglas

“The festival was a rousing success. I came away with a great deal of inspiration, new contacts in photography, new information on what I can be doing that I’m not doing now and basically a new sense of direction. ” – Phil

“I love to see what this level of photographer is doing and to speak to the couple I knew. Each year I find myself introduced to new work, some to buy and to new artists to investigate either by acquiring their books or visiting their websites. PSPF has an incredible format of offerings. I find the print walk a fine way to begin the week, ramp up and get immersed.” – William

“Sylvia was superb. She was experienced at handling a group of people and giving each of us full attention. In watching her sequence a series of images into a book it was helpful not only to have her view my work, but to watch her sequence images produced by others. I began to see how she intuitively thought in coming up with sequences — why some worked better than others. As a photographer who is working on a book project, learning to see in sequence rather than individual images was a revelation.” – Bill

“I thought Keith was a very inspirational person with much insight, humor, talent and sensitivity. I thoroughly enjoyed his workshop.” – Susan

“Very good. Stephen was very generous with his time and knowledge but limited by the amount of time and by the overall experience level of the participants. As an instructor, however, he was very much in tune with us and very adaptable and open to what we wanted to do. Our volunteer, Colin Young-Wolff, was phenomenal…a real asset to the festival.” – Mark

“This was the best experience of my life so far. getting to meet and talk with Bruce was amazing, the workshop was so helpful, educational and inspiring. I can’t imagine it being any better than it was.” – Jenny

“See earlier comments, but loved the workshop. Lorne was very open, very sharing, very responsive. Porfolio review was well considered and very helpful..” – Paul

“Carter is an astute and incisive teacher. He knows what he’s looking at immediately when he sees it, and he is very articulate and probing when he describes work and asks questions.” – Charles

” Mac did a great job. I especially liked his having his presentation available on a web site. This allowed me to listen and watch, rather than taking notes. Very good way to do it.” – Rexford

“Just a quick note to say “Thank you” again for a great Palm Springs Photo Festival event! Everyone was gracious, helpful and had wonderful feedback for me. The best part was selling prints to two of the reviewers from a portfolio that is 30 years old! See you next year.” – Diane

To Colin Finlay: “I have to say, (and not to sound too fawning,) that seeing your images had a profound affect on me. One that I have not exactly been able to put my finger on yet, but I know it will come. So, once again, thank you for sharing them with us. [My husband] really felt the same, and I think it made him long for another path with his work….” – Jeannie

“I wanted to shoot an e-mail thanking you, again, for a fantastic experience in the desert. The festival in general and your workshop in particular were like a shot in the arm. I was coming in hoping for some renewed focus and inspiration and got that in spades. Your passion for photography and visual storytelling is contagious. Having met you, having heard your story, having seen where commitment and drive can lead, my eyes are wide open to the possibilities.” – Andrei

“Thank you very much for being you. I’m inspired and have a direction for the first time with my photography.” – Barry

“I just want to thank you for a fantastic experience. You’ve helped me find focus, and you’ve given me a taste of what is out there. I’ve been challenged in the most uncomfortable way, and I’ve come out on top. I feel like I’ve come through this week a much different person. Priorities have shifted, life seems more alive. Things that seemed to not matter, matter greatly, while things that mattered greatly have now been de-saturated. – Aaron

“Man, was it hard to leave that place. The magic and wonderful energy of the whole event just took hold of me in a really profound way. Not to mention you, your stories, your easy manner, your intuitive and intense eyes…ah, the list goes on for days. I suppose my point is that that may have been the most wonderful week of my life. Seriously. I am exhausted, emotionally, physically and mentally, but it was all so worth it.” – Nora

“I want to thank you for all the care and energy that you put into teaching us all. It was awesome that you were so enthusiastic for us all to learn something! I definitely came back with a fresh view on photography. Prior to working with you I hadn’t shot regularly for a long time. I lacked inspiration and was burned out. Ever since I’ve been back though, I have been taking my camera everywhere, photographing my friends, family, at church, just practicing by staying behind the lense. I’m trying to just keep shooting. Just wanted to say thanks, man. …being in your class is an experience I’ll never forget!”

“I absolutely enjoyed myself at the Photo Festival in May. The first thing I want to do is congratulate you on selecting a wonderful staff. I’m specifically speaking of Gisela and Marianne. Both of these wonderful people made the event, for me personally, such a joy. Both my wife and I really enjoyed, and appreciated, all of their hard work. I also attended the workshop given by Colin. Getting a chance to meet, and work with Colin was truly inspiring and a workshop I won’t soon forget. ” – Larry

“Inspiration, education and fascination. Year two is in the books and from my perspective it was a grand success. The combination art walk, seminar, symposium and projection mix was just what I and many others were looking for. Leaving Korakia felt like an odd transition. So much had happened it felt in a way that I was leaving home to go somewhere else when in reality, it was just the opposite. In some cases, I would imagine, you have provided the spark to launch a career. In other cases, you provided the ingredients for strangers to become lifelong friends. And for others it was just a place to refuel their inner fire. – Dan

“The Palm Springs Photo Festival was very informative and exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed meeting so many great photographers from all over the nation and the world and learned quite a bit. I’m looking forward to next year’s Festival.” – Warren

“Great festival! I wish you all much success for many many years to come! ” – Tuck

“You have developed a unique and dynamic festival and you should be very proud of your accomplishment.” – Sant

“It was a blast to be there. Great networking and reacquainting with old friends. I also came early to rest my soul in the sun and take in a little Photoshop technique. You did a great job.” – Tom

“You really did a great job on the festival-I’m glad that I went!” – Kathy

From Nancy: “Thanks, so much, again for a great experience. Looking forward to next year. “

“Thanks so much for including me in the slide show contest. What a thrill to be in this impressive field of emerging photographers and to see the audience’s reaction to my work. I’m blown away by this event and inspired by your contribution to the art of photography. Thanks to you and your staff for going the hard work it takes to organize this very worthwhile event.” – Nancy

“The festival was truly amazing. Thank you. I don’t know how you did it.” – Christian

“I am having a photo show of my work at the Farmani Gallery in Los Angeles. By the way, the Festival was great. Thanks for making it happen. A few of the pieces in the show were taken there! ” – Kevin

“It was great to see you and your team. I got a lot of ideas to define. Thank you for the good will of this event.” – Linda

“The festival was much more than … I expected, the attendees were very interactive and energetic. You did a phenomenal job with the event.”From Emily: “Just wanted to say thanks for an amazing time in Palm Springs. I thought the festival was awesome! Congratulations…you should be very proud.” – Matt

“Thank you for an excellent experience at this year’s festival. I enjoyed checking out several presentations, met numerous new press contacts, other event sponsors, photo-influencers and guru presenters—people I would never have met at an event any larger or smaller. What I really was impressed by was the ingenuity and intimacy of the event. I applaud you and your team for creating a supportive photo-oasis in the desert, without the barriers that typically separate the pros from attendees. The small class sizes and the one-on-one portfolio reviews gave photographers at all levels direct points of contact with inspiration from giants in their field.” – John

“Limiting attendance could be a disservice to some if they are like me – not knowing until the just before the Festival what I might be able to attend. Nevertheless I will give it a try next year with portfolio in hand.” – Joe

“Thank you for a lovely, fun and fascinating time at PSPF. I thought you put on a world-class festival and hope to participate in a bigger way next year. I appreciated the kind hospitality you offered; the attention given to all of the participants; the excellent roster of photographers and workshops and great slide shows. Having the participation of lesser known photographers in the slide shows was a special treat.” – Pilar

“The Models were all top notch girls. Beautiful & fun, yet professional. The Symposiums were great (at least the two I was able to attend). I look forward to more such discussions next year. They are an excellent and welcome addition to the Workshops. The choice of photographers & symposiums members this year was impeccable! I couldn’t have asked for much more (well, I can always ask…). If you are able to pull together such a fantastic group again next year, then I’ll do my best to return! ” – Russ

“You did it ! What a great week! Proud to have been apart of it and attended. KUDOS! Again congrats! And to your killer crew Marianna , Gisela, Emma and so many more…Woof! ” – Scott

“Palm Springs was awesome! Thank you for your leadership and vision in making it happen. I found the fourteen portfolio reviews I attended motivating. Thanks again. It got me rollin’.” – Bill

“What a terrific week you organized, with non-stop fun, fotos, food, and festivities. From what I could see, the festival struck all the right notes. You spent the necessary time encouraging young photographers-cum-volunteers and treated all the emerging photographers with high regard. Thank you so much for inviting me. It was just the sort of experience I yearn for in my daily life: Total immersion in a community of amazing people who want to share everything photographic.” – Daile

“Those who were fortunate enough to listen to Colin speak about his images and about photography during the Palm Springs Photo Workshops will undoubtedly consider themselves fortunate too. His passion and love of photogrpahy is contagious. Watching Michael Jorddon play basketball inspired kids to run outside and play basketball “like Mike.” No doubt Colin will have the same effect on us as photographers.” – Lou